Ongoing and finished projects

Look at pictures below for photographic presentation of projects we have been involved in.

Help Apokoronas Crete

Ongoing and finished projects

(Please Note, We are not in any way connected with "Crete Needs our Help")

During the time we have been trying to help the ones in need in Apokoronas, we have been able to help and assist on many things because of the great support from donors in Norway, while the direct contact we have with the "Social services" provides updated information about what it at any one time are most needed.

Ongoing projects in Apokoronas

340 children in Apokoronas got decent winter shoes for Christmas. A fantastic result that has only been possible because of the more than 70 donors who contributed so  we got more than €4400 donated for this very important purpose.

There is a constant need for food, diapers and medicines, so it is important to have a financial buffer to cover also this.

If you wish to contribute so see more info about this further down the page.

For January 2017 we are working on, and will be able to not only buying a lot of diapers, pressure relieving matresses for elderly that needs it. We will also contribute more than €1500 for the monthly delivery of food.

Completed projects and collections in Apokoronas

(See photos below)

February 3, 2017.

With the help of our amazing contributors we have managed also this month to buy food so that all of the nearly 400 families in Apokoronas who needs help will get food.

2042 Euro, all donated. Fantastic

December 2016

With the help of over 70 wonderful contributors, we managed to collect more than €4400 so we could buy winter shoes for 340 children in need in Apokoronas. A fantastic result.

This is a Christmas present that really make the children warm, and is incredible  appreciated ..

All contributions, and purchases can be downloaded as a PDF file here.

October 2016, we handed over large amounts of clothes, school supplies, medical equipment and others for Social supermarket in Nippos. In addition, we could help meet an urgent need for diapers for adults thanks to funds raised.

October 2016, we contributed € 300 for various household items for 400 families in

Apokoronas, which was an addition to the monthly food delivery.

September 2016, many children without the possibility of obtaining the necessary school supplies received help with this. A particularly wonderful experience to be able to contribute.

Education and school is so infinitely important. We had a financial buffer of € 500

so we could do this quickly when the request came.

Before Christmas in 2015, we managed to buy 80 pair winter shoes for children.

(Aim for Christmas 2016 340 pairs of shoes)

Three children, who had never had beds, all received beds for Christmas in 2015.

School equipment to children in Apokoronas delivered directly by donors from Norway.

Defibrillation delivered to the ambulance in Vamos, completed with Greek language and

approved by the hospital in Heraklion. Here we had the invaluable help also of

our very helpful lawyer who prepared all documentation

For a girl with multiple disabilities, who was dependent on a PC for studying

at the University of Rethymnon, we were able to give her this.

The health center in Vamos, in addition to a defibrillator, received some medical devices

Homeowners who replace furniture report this to us so that we can get this collected by  "Social Services" in Nippos for further delivery to those who needs it.

Children and adults who need diapers, we have managed to cover part of the what is needed.

In addition, also nutritional drinks, wipes, milk mixture (NAN) for children, ointments

and antibac napkins.

A large amount of clothing have been donated, either for delivery to those who needs it, or for sale. This is a very important contribution for the monthly food aid deliveries.

We have bought sausages and other fresh food for those families who need it most.

Everything has only been possible because Norwegians and others have donated money for the disadvantaged here in Apokoronas, or brought clothing and equipment to us here on Crete. An invaluable aid, which is so infinitely important for those in need here in Apokoronas.

If you want to support the work we do in Apokoronas, use Norwegian bank account 3632.55.06711 (Bodil Hamre)

IBAN: NO6236325506711


Please contact me if more information is needed for the transfer.

If you have the opportunity to bring clothes and other equipment to us in Crete, or send it by mail or otherwise, please contact me on the e-mail below for more information.

Use also like the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Greetings from Bodil Hamre,

Febrary 3rd  2017

Grocery shopping in Vrisses. 960 cans of milk, 400 kg of flour, 400 kg. assorted pasta, 500 kg lentils and beans, 300 kg rice. Over two tons of food, amazing :-)

In addition, 65 packages of diapers for adults in need of care. Total 2042 Euro, all donated from our wonderful supporters

22 December at the Social Supermarket in Nippos.

Local priests from all villages in Apokoronas came and collected everything to be delivered to the families who need it in their villages. This was food, shoes for children and other necessities. Big thanks to the priests who are so important in this work

On October 26, we delivered a full car with clothes, shoes, school supplies, household items, medical equipment, glasses and hand-knitted slippers to the Social Supermarket in Nippos. All this is brought here to Crete by wonderful supporters in Norway and Sweden

Every month the "Social Supermarket" is distributing bags of food to almost 400 families here in Apokoronas.This time we were able to contribute €300 for this with founds donated. All was used at the local supermarket in Vrissesto buy washing powder and other household items. This is also very much needed, wo when we were able to contribute, we are so happy we had the possability to do so thanks to the people supporting us

Lisbeth and Ann Torill from Trondheim, and another couple from Tromso came with all this in August (total of 100 kg). Picked up by us at the airport and at the hotel. Delivered to Niki and Argyro at Social Services in Nippo / Apokoronas.

Lena and Helena brought this with them to Crete in July. Lena had also collected among her friends. Everything delivered to Niki and Argyro at Social Services in Nippos / Apokoronas

Pia and her  family came from Denmark bringing 5  suitcases full of clothes and other most needed things for our area. Pia also collected from locals here in Kalives.

We had the pleasure to collect this and bring it to Niki and Argyro in Social Services in Nippos.

We got a request from Social councellor Niki if there was any possability that we could  help with diapers for children and adults. This was and is an acute need for this. We managed to collect 650 Euro from Norway, absolutely fantastic. All purchased locally through wholesale at a very nice price.

Niki had the list of the individual's needs, and everything was bought on the basis of this.

Anne Reidun and Einar has done a great job with the donation of a defibrillator to the health center in Vamos. Not only did they donated it, they also got it reprogrammed to Greek, with Greek manual so it can be used here in Crete. Also a big thanks to our always helpful lawyer, who prepared all the documents that were requested in relation to this. Without his help this defribrillator could never have been used.

Before Christmas in  2015, we received a plea for help for  winter shoes for children in Apokoronas. The idea was that this was to be delivered from Social Services to children who do not have warm shoes for the winter. We managed to collect 1000 Euros, which all was used to buy 80 pair of  winter shoes. Niki and Argyro brought a  detailed list with all the kids, so everyone got their unique pair of shoes appropriate for the individual child.

Margrethe and Arve have a holiday home  here in Apokoronas. Before school started  in 2015 they brought large amounts of school supplies as it is a very great need for this. All  delivered directly to social services in Armeni, to  Filia who is a social worker here. Very nice, and something that was very much appreciated. Many parents do not have the opportunity to buy this for their children.

January 11. 2017

Acute need for diapers for adults. Purchased was made in a medical shop,  and we also had the opportunity to buy a pressure-relieving mattress of an elderly lady with a great need for this.

At the same time we delivered a load of clothes, knitted winter socks, sweaters  and other things that have been sent to us from Norway

December 14. 2016

A wonderful experience, we managed to collect more than 4,400 Euros to buy winter shoes for children in Apokoronas who really needed this. 340 pairs of warm shoes that is really needed now. A big thank you now before Christmas to all of you (over 70 donors) that have contributed to this from all involved here in Apokoronas.

Acute need for diapers for adults. Thanks to money donated to us from Norway, we had the opportunity to contribute and meet the urgent need that was reported to us by social workers in Apokoronas.

Start of school in September. Many children did not have any of the most essential school material.

After have been told this, and asked by the social workers we managed to get collected 500 Euro for this.

Everything was bought based on a spesific list of each childs needs.


Donations of more than € 300 in July 2016 enabled us to buy fresh sausages as an additional contribution to food bags being delivered by Social Supermarket every month.

Anne Reidun and Einar drove from Norway to Crete in their special car, loaded with most needed donations to our area. They came straight to Nippos where they also met social councellor Niki and Argyro

Kristin from Bergen donated lactose milk mixture, and two Greek children donated toys.

Anne Reidun managed to create a couple of felted slippers while she was here on Crete. Everything collected by us and delivered to Niki and Argyro. (Our little dog makes sure  that we do not give away her food also)

Bente brought diaper pants in whool, and cloth diapers, and also a very good idea for further production of this. We have knitting pattern for wool with Lanolin, and some have started working on this on this. We need more, so please contact us about this

Felted slippers in Norwegian wool, in all sizes and colors are produced continuously in Norway. This is wonderful for the winter. Everything is delivered to Niki and Argyro at social services, and distributed to those who need it when winter comes. Anne Reidun is the artist making these

3 children, the youngest only two years old, slept on homemade mattresses. They had never had beds. We wanted to do something, so before Christmas in 2015, we managed to buy beds and got these delivered these using donations from Norway.

The children are calmer reports says, and finally sleeps well.

Many of the inmates at the prison in Chania lacked warm clothes towards winter 2015. From Social Services in Aporonas we received a request if we could contribute to this.Luckily we could. We got collected warm clothes and some shoes, which through Social Services were provided to inmates who needed it.